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Looking for life-time vacation experiences?

It’s high-time you visited Santorini Island, the ultimate vacation destination in the Aegean archipelago.

Santorini Island Greece or else Thira, as it is officially called, is definitely ranked on the top positions of the elite island destinations worldwide. Those of you who have already been there certainly agree with it, as everything around the island breathes out a sense of magic that is hard to forget.

It is hard to find another island in the Aegean that has been more photographed that Santorini has. There are endless things in Santorini making the camera lense yield to their unsurpassed charm. Nothing can be more dramatic yet spellbinding than huge reddish-brown, black and grey cliffs creating an imposing world-famed Santorini Caldera affectionately embracing the volcano, right on its centre. The views towards the islets of Palea and Nea Kameni, as well as Thirassia, once part of Santorini then sliced of by an volcanic eruption, are more than enchanting up from the caldera rim.

While on Santorini Island Greece (Thira) the picture perfect sunset vistas cannot leave you untouched either. Around sunset time tourists throng to caldera rim caf├ęs with terraces or even stand in the streets to see the sun slowly diving into the horizon hueing the sky with unique shades of red, yellow, orange and purple. Indulge into the charm of the Santorini Sunset, hike up one of the craters of the Santorini volcano and bathe into the volcanic hot springs by joining one of the magnificent semi-private boat tours and cruises we have carefully created for you.

Santorini also stands out for the impressive architecture of buildings and churches displaying influences from eras long gone. Beautiful, cubic houses clinging to the edge of the caldera and lining the cliff-tops will catch your glimpse while the ferry manoeuvres into the caldera, as their brightness reflects the hot summer sun. A walk around any of the Santorini (Thira) villages will have you admiring the countless blue domed churches with masterpiece bell towers, fundamental samples of Cycladic-style architecture. You can get acquainted with the beauties of Santorini through exciting sightseeing tours and excursions.

Although all the settlements around Santorini have many things in common still they particular characteristics setting them apart from the rest of the villages not only inland but also in the coastline. Take a walk in the wonderful settlement of Oia and you will be carried away by the sophisticated Venetian-style multicoloured houses, relaxing ambiance and amazing caldera views, making it the ideal haven to book your Santorini accommodation.

Go to Fira, the most cosmopolitan settlement on Santorini if you want to combine exuberant entertainment with your luxury Fira Hotels, while select enchanting Imerovigli Hotels or Firostefani Hotels if you want to unwind while the soul stirring sunset and caldera vistas unfold before your eyes. If on the other hand you can’t imagine your vacation without seafront accommodation the eastern part of the island is the ideal place for you. With the endless black sandy beach get scorching hot under the Aegean sun, Kamari is the most popular seaside resort on the island, where you can find beachfront Kamari Hotels for all tastes. Of course there are plenty more Santorini beaches to discover standing out for their colored volcanic sand, clear waters and imposing cliffs weathered by the salty wind.

Santorini Island has built a “newlyweds’ paradise” reputation over the years and is highly considered a top-notch destination for honeymoon trips due to the smashing sunset vistas from caldera rim hotels, the romantic sunset and luxury hotels exceeding your wildest expectations in service and lavish amenities.

At the NST Travel Agency in Santorini Greece with our long-time experience in the travel industry we give you the chance to get acquainted with the island of Santorini and spend the time of your life on this place of sheer magic. We provide you with a plethora of travel services including amazing vacation packages tailored to your needs for enjoyable vacations on Santorini Island Greece.  If you need more detailed information about the NST Travel services or wish to discuss your options for customization packages please contact us and your dream Santorini holiday will come true!
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